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India is a country embraced by water on three sides. Unlike similar geographies around the world, the Indian coastline remains untapped and teeming with opportunity. This will generate high returns, employment and wealth opportunities and create a new lifestyle around the coasts putting India on the global coastline culture map. Sensing this large potential, we have created a company Samira Marine Infrastructure (P) Ltd., dedicated to developing marine infrastructure. In India, we represent S F Marina system AB, Sweden, a leading floating concrete pontoon system company.

Samira Marine Infrastructure (P) Ltd. (SMIPL) is an ambitious and exciting extension of the Samira Habitats Group. Its focus is to tap nascent opportunities along Mumbai’s and India’s coasts and provide specialised services, international products and construction expertise for marine infrastructure. This will help us introduce to the Indian waters to state of the art marinas, after sales-maintenance service, marina management, etc.

SF Marine System AB
Based in Göteborg, Sweden, SF Marina System AB offers a full range of marine related services throughout the world. The company has the in-house knowledge and experience to design, permit, manufacture, install and operate marinas.

SF Marina manufactures or builds concrete floating breakwaters, pleasure boat marinas, specific pontoons for sailing clubs and rowing crews, floating fuel pontoons for marinas, fish farming systems, floating bridges, support structures for floating buildings, commuter boat docks / floating ferry landings to name a few.

Affiliating in more than twenty countries since 1983, SF Marina System AB has a world-wide network of representatives selling the products, with over 500 completed installations today.
Facilitating Access
To facilitate a safe access to Samira’s Alibag, we plan to build modern embarking/disembarking points, boat havens and state of the art marinas. These facilities will be built at different points across the coast to enable proximity to Samira’s projects across the region.