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Embark On A Journey Of Exquisite Luxury In Alibag

Where Nature Meets Opulence

About Us

Welcome to Samira Habitats - Where Luxury Meets Alibag Living. Since 1995, we've brought dreams to life for over 2000 satisfied customers in Alibag. With nearly 90%* of the organized real estate market, we're the go-to for luxury living in this coastal paradise. Embrace Alibag's serene surroundings, easy access from South Mumbai, and our expert support from start to finish. Discover the perfect investment opportunity with our local expertise and solid farmer relationships.

At Samira, luxury living is a way of life. Come home to Alibag with us.

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Founder's Message 

"Discover the journey of Samira Habitats and the enchanting transformation of Alibag over 25 remarkable years. From a distant thought to a boho-chic paradise, Alibag beckons Mumbai's crème de la crème. Our visionary venture goes beyond land development; we strive to create a vibrant, conscious, warm community. Let's collaborate to build top-notch healthcare facilities, exceptional bistros, retail communities, and more. Our gated communities and ready-to-build plots cater to every discerning taste. Join us in Alibag's dream come true and participate in this extraordinary journey."

Warm regards,

Samir A Nerurkar, Founder, Samira Habitats

Invest in yourself 

Invest in a lifestyle that resonates with your dreams and aspirations. At Samira Habitats, we offer more than just real estate; we offer a gateway to luxury living in Alibag. With a legacy of satisfied customers and a strong market presence, investing with us means investing in your future. Let us guide you towards a fulfilling investment opportunity that aligns with your vision.


Expanded living

Invest in yourself and experience the joy of expanded living with spacious homes and abundant amenities.


Gated Community

Invest in yourself and your family's security by becoming a part of our exclusive gated community, where luxury living meets peace of mind.


Sustainable Lifestyle

Embrace a sustainable lifestyle that nurtures both you and the environment; invest in yourself and the planet.

What we offer

Close to nature but not far from Mumbai

Whether you choose a thrilling Ro-Ro ferry, a private speedboat, or a leisurely cruise, the journey itself is an enchanting experience. Feel the breeze caress your face and witness the city's chaos give way to serene coastal landscapes. Alibag welcomes you with open arms, offering a respite from the bustling city life and inviting you to embrace a harmonious connection with nature.

Experience the best of both worlds at Samira Habitats. Alibag's unspoiled, verdant, and coastal landscapes provide the perfect escape into nature's embrace. Yet, with easy access from South Mumbai, you are never far from the bustling city life. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Alibag, knowing that you can easily retreat to the city when needed.

Collaborate with Samira

At Samira Habitats, we invite you to explore the vast potential of hospitality, retail, and healthcare development in the thriving landscape of Alibag. With our visionary approach and deep understanding of the market, we present unparalleled opportunities to collaborate and prosper in these dynamic sectors.

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Unleash the potential in hospitality, retail, and healthcare with Samira Habitats. Together, let's shape the future of Alibag and leave a lasting impact on its vibrant community.

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